Finca Ceylan, Orange Bourbon


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Finca Ceylan, Orange Bourbon
Finca Ceylan, Orange Bourbon

Like many producers we work with, Dariush Echeverria is a firm believer of both quality and sustainable farming practices. Following his philosophical approaches. he invested in wastewater treatment facilities, and achieved Organic as well as Smithsonian Bird Friendly certifications. Furthermore, he works with neighbouring farms to develop a sustainable ecosystem. Finca Ceylan contributes to that system by investing in local infrastructure and education as well as employing local labour to maintain the farm throughout the year.

The Bourbon varietal is valued for its complex acidity and balanced flavours. Typically red in color, the orange Bourbon is a natural mutation and generally has higher sweetness.

Taste Notes: Raisins, Black Cherries, Walnuts

Country/Region: Guatemala/Chimaltenango

Varietal: Orange Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1066 - 1324 m.a.s.l.

Finca Ceylan, Orange Bourbon
Finca Ceylan, Orange Bourbon

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