Barista Hustle Tamper


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Barista Hustle Tamper
Barista Hustle Tamper
  • No-Compromise
    • Military-spec Type III hard anodised aluminium. 304 stainless steel flat base. 58.40mm diameter for VST baskets.
  • Affordable
    • Designed for every budget without compromise thanks to more efficient manufacturing and less materials.
  • Replaceable
    • Damage the base? It happens. Swap it out for SGD20 instead of buying another expensive paperweight. 
  • Refined
    • Double flange eliminates the vacuum effect and helps keep you vertical. Light weight (250g) makes regular tampers feel like an axe; and you just upgraded to a scalpel.
  • Usable
    • Human-friendly shape for most hands and styles. Rock hard yet textured surface for optimal grip. Black for stealthiness and tactical operations. 
Barista Hustle Tamper
Barista Hustle Tamper

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